Main Stage with John Clarke

11:00 am (Sunday):

RV Spring & Summer Preparation & Maintenance Tips - This session gets RVers started with the proper basic dumping procedures, right plumbing accessories, environmentally friendly tank treatments and general tank maintenance tips for trouble free operation. Also presented are DIY procedures on summerizing and sanitizing your tanks for a safe and trouble free RV experience. In addition, it covers finding dump stations anywhere in North America before your start your trip or while travelling.

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2 Guys RV Education

2 Guys RV Education helps RVers avoid costly mistakes by providing practical tips and education that make RVing safe and environmentally friendly. 2 Guys RV Education has presented at many venues including RV Shows, Dealer Sponsored Events, Lifestyle Events, Club Rallies, etc. The feedback has been extremely positive from attendees and event management, from first timers to full timers and everyone in between. John Clarke founded in 2006 to meet the needs of RVers looking for dump stations when their "RV had to go..." Come and see us in Booth 21.
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Presented by: John Clarke
John Clarke founded in 2006 to meet the needs of RVers looking for sani dumps when their “RVs have to go”. He brings over three decades of RV experience travelling all over North America. His first RV was a converted Van, a Class B, that he designed and built. Since then he has been active in modifying several travel trailers and 5th wheels to accommodate his growing family. Now that his 2 daughters are all grown up and doing their “own thing”, John has retrofitted his RV to take their lifestyle with them when travelling which includes his wife, Chris, being able to do her quilting on the road.

John has been actively involved in educating RVers on all aspect of RVing including RV water systems. Over the last 5 years, he has presented over 100 seminars all across Canada and the US at RV Shows, Club Rallies, Dealer events and the Okanagan College RV Lifestyle Seminars event. When he is not presenting or attending RV shows, John manages website, the largest listing of dump stations in the world and runs a successful IT consulting business in West Kelowna.

You can find him at the show in Booth 21.
Session details subject to change.