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11:00 am - 12:00 pm:

Weights, Weights and more Weights: Statistics show that over 50% of RVs exceed one of the weights of their Class A, 5th wheel, Travel Trailer or Tow Vehicle. Today's RVs are much heavier, longer and have minimum safety tolerance to keep cost down. Yes, the trucks are getting beefier but are they keeping up? Exceeding weights causes unsafe driving conditions that can jeopardize your safety on the road. It is considered a traffic offence and police are clamping down. How many times have you heard "No problem your truck can pull that (heavy) trailer or 5th wheel when you go shopping". Is that really true? This seminar will inform you of what weights are critical, why, how to stay safe and legal. This is a must seminar for new buyers, owners of new RVs, older tow vehicles (gas or diesel), or safety conscious RVers.

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2 Guys RV Education helps RVers avoid costly mistakes by providing practical tips and education that make RVing safe and environmentally friendly. 2 Guys RV Education has presented at many venues including RV Shows, Dealer Sponsored Events, Lifestyle Events, Club Rallies, etc. The feedback has been extremely positive from attendees and event management, from first timers to full timers and everyone in between. John Clarke founded in 2006 to meet the needs of RVers looking for dump stations when their "RV had to go..." Come and see us in Booth 25. Come and see us in Booth 21.
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Presented by: KC Chavda
KC retired from a successful career as an executive in sales and marketing with high technology start-ups. During his career, he had travelled extensively around the world in addition to residing in Kenya, Canada and USA. He retired in 2006 and partnered with John Clarke in managing the business side of

He spent his childhood in Kenya where he developed his love of the outdoors and camping. The first of his five RVs was a popup trailer in 1987 and since then he has travelled all across North America. As with his previous RVs, his current 5th wheel is continuously enhanced to accommodate the needs of his once growing but now shrinking family. Since 2007, he has presented over hundreds seminars all across Canada and the US at RV Shows, Club Rallies, Dealer Events and the Okanagan College RV Lifestyle Seminars Event.

When he is not presenting or attending RV shows he enjoys boondocking, hiking, fishing and canoeing.

You can find him at the show in Booth 21.
Session details subject to change.